the galactic nation

having been created under the authority of the cgc
                                      as a safe home for all homo sapiens in this galaxy

            our aspiration

   this is not about us .... today and tomorrow!
   or about this world in millions of years ,
   still having sufficient resources!
   a life supporting climate on this world .....

   as well .... not in this galaxy .... in a billion years
   settle on another world .... if this here goes to an end !

   but this is all about eternity !
   and everything not compatible with this is worth nothing.

   galactic religion

a decent world without endless illness and catastrophes
can only be had if the god of truth is continually revered !

So the individual.
at any time will be conscious of the responsibility for his world !
because of a continuing exchange with the rest of the world population !

galactic central info              info(a)

the argumentocracy

the political party for the homo sapiens

gcx .... the motion picture

the meaning of life


a theory of decadence

a theory of slavery

the free economy

a theory of mass insanity

the satanic symbiosis


social science

the economy

to be free